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Delivering Quality at The Right Price.

   AT Düssen we are not biased, we service repair and recondition all brands of process machines.

  • Bandsaws: Thompson, H.T.Barnes , Kolbe, A.E.W.
  • Mixer Mincer : Thompson ,Hall, Hobart, K.T.
  • Injectors : Dorit, Günther , Fomaco, injectstar, Ruhle, Suhner.
  • Smoke houses : Kerris, Smo-king, Maurer, Jugema, Maunting, Bastra.
  • Massagers : Dorit, Gunther, Challange cook, Lutetia. 
  • Filler linkers : Rex, Handtmann, Risco, Frey.
  • Hyudrlic fillers : Thompson, Hall, Mainca.
  • Dicers : Treif, Holac,  Ruhle, Food logistic.
  • Skinners : Maja, Townsend. 
  • Slicers : Brice, Berkel , Omas.
  • Bacon slicers : Berkel , Titan, slicemaster.
  • Vacuum Packers : Henkelman , Viking, Intervac, Web-o-matic, VC999, Aust vac, E vac.
  • Tenderisers : K.T, Brice, Fomaco. 

                                                                               Just To Name a few

Düssen is a driving force in the sales and service of machinery and equipment used in the Meat, Seafood, Poultry and Smallgoods industry.