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Cheese or meat? The CASEUS basic dicing and strip cutting machine can do both, providing you with excellent flexibility.

The TWISTER dicing and strip cutting machine can achieve an hourly output of up to 3,500 kg (theoretical maximum value), even with continuous use. 

The TWISTER basic dicing and strip cutting machine is ideal for anyone searching for a cost efficient solution for perfect cutting quality in the medium performance range. 

The ARGON with a cost-efficient hourly output of 2.0 t (depending on product and fill level) is the most powerful machine in its class.

The HUSKY can be converted from a powerful portion cutting machine into a high yield dicer in less than 2 minutes.

The FLEXON meets the various requirements of artisan and medium sized businesses as well as large kitchens.

The compact dicing and strip cutting machines open up a wide range of cutting and grating options.

CASEUS  basic 







Treif manual dicers offer high performance first rate cutting quality, user friendly handling [ e.g. Reciprocal  quick change system, one hand operation ] and convincing hygiene properties.

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